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Publications 2012

Thématique mobilité

  1. Bernuz B, Genet F, Terrat P, Pradon D, Barbot F, Bussel B, Bensmail D: Botulinum toxin effect on voluntary and stretch reflex-related torque produced by the quadriceps: An isokinetic pilot study. Neurorehabil Neural Repair 2012;26:542-547. IF4.495

  2. Hutin E, Pradon D, Barbier F, Bussel B, Gracies JM, Roche N: Walking velocity and lower limb coordination in hemiparesis. Gait Posture 2012;36:205-211. IF2.123

  3. Pradon D, Roche N, Enette L, Zory R: Relationship between lower limp muscle strength and 6-minute walk test performance in stroke patients. J Rehabil Med 2012 IF2.049

  4. Verrel J, Pradon D, Vuillerme N: Persistence of motor-equivalent postural fluctuations during bipedal quiet standing. PLoS One 2012;7:e48312.IF4.09

Thématique respiration

  1. Bensmail D, Marquer A, Roche N, Godard AL, Lofaso F, Quera-Salva MA: Pilot study assessing the impact of intrathecal baclofen administration mode on sleep-related respiratory parameters. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2012;93:96-99. IF2.282

  2. Boudarham J, Pradon D, Prigent H, Vaugier I, Barbot F, Letilly N, Falaize L, Orlikowski D, Petitjean M, Lofaso F: Optoelectronic vital capacity measurement for restrictive diseases. Respir Care 2012. IF2.012

  3. Nardi J, Prigent H, Adala A, Bohic M, Lebargy F, Quera-Salva MA, Orlikowski D, Lofaso F: Nocturnal oximetry and transcutaneous carbon dioxide in home-ventilated neuromuscular patients. Respir Care 2012;57:1425-1430. IF2.012

  4. Nardi J, Prigent H, Garnier B, Lebargy F, Quera-Salva MA, Orlikowski D, Lofaso F: Efficiency of invasive mechanical ventilation during sleep in duchenne muscular dystrophy. Sleep Med 2012;13:1056-1065. IF6.931

  5. Prigent H, Orlikowski D, Laforêt P, Letilly N, Falaize L, Pellegrini N, Annane D, Raphael JC, Lofaso F: Supine volume drop and diaphragmatic function in adults with pompe disease. Eur Respir J 2012;39:1545-1546.IF5.895

  6. Prigent H, Orlikowski D, Letilly N, Falaize L, Annane D, Sharshar T, Lofaso F: Vital capacity versus maximal inspiratory pressure in patients with guillain-barré syndrome and myasthenia gravis. Neurocrit Care 2012;17:236-239.IF2.467

  7. Terzi N, Piquilloud L, Rozé H, Mercat A, Lofaso F, Delisle S, Jolliet P, Sottiaux T, Tassaux D, Roesler J, Demoule A, Jaber S, Mancebo J, Brochard L, Richard JC: Clinical review: Update on neurally adjusted ventilatory assist - report of a round-table conference. Crit Care 2012;16:225. IF4.610